The Bombing of the Ethiopian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia took place in early Febuary 1980. Though it was perpetrated by Armenian Intelligence in order to coax Ethiopia into the ongoing Armenian Revolution, official reports blamed it on Turkish militants. The scheme started with Director Mossadeq of the Ethiopian Walinzi after receiving a tongue-lashing about Parliamentary measures to hold the country out of war. Mossadeq's plan was approved by Hassan before being proposed to the Armenian government. Fourteen Ethiopian Officials died in the attack.

The attack itself was carried out by NSS Team 6 under the command of Mikael Gregovyen. It was carried out using incendiary grenades. Ethiopian guards were gunned down when they attempted to fight back. Corpses and flags were pissed on before the terrorists fled the scene. The damaged embassy was lit on fire and collapsed, leaving only pieces of a few walls standing.

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