The Invasion of the Russian Caucasus by the Ottoman Empire was intended as a first step into Russia by the Ottoman Empire to put a formal end to their traditional rival in Eastern Europe and the Anatolian Caucus. With the Russian states in disarray and civil war due to the assassination of the Czar. On the end of the Ottoman invasion of Egypt, Suleiman III ordered for the returning troops to be redeployed into the southern Russian region known as Volgograd.

The initial campaign went underway on December 20, 1970 at a time when the former Russian states were wrangling with not only themselves but the Revolutionary movement of the Russian-Mongolian Socialist Movement in the East and the Neo Bolsheviks in the West. A significant grant to the Ottoman success in Russia was Volgograd's distraction in the affairs of the rest of Russia, and the flattened terrain of Russian Circassia.

The ability for the Ottomans to continue into Russia was complicated by having to police the landscape they complicated and by ethnic-nationalist revolution in the Caucus and beyond by 1976 which put a strain on Ottoman occupation efforts. By 1980 the war was ultimately reversed and the Ottomans withdrew from Volgograd.

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