Tuareg genocide

Partially-mummified corpses in a mass grave northeast of the Murzuq oil fields in Spanish Algeria.

The attrocities committed against the Tuareg by Spain was a part of a large campaign against the Spanish government occupying north-west Africa to pacify the region of the hostile Maghreb tribes resisting Spanish oil exploration. The Spanish rounded up the Tuareg tribes, imprisoning them or executing them.

On the large scale large numbers of Tuareg were exposed to VX for human testing (related post). Under Dr Guijon these programs were a significant part of Spanish understanding of the Canadian super-weapon.

Details about the ethnic cleansing were published in the Persian Newspapers several years later by run-away senator Julio Zuraban.

The atrocities committed by the Spanish on the Tuareg tribes have militarized some tribes against the Spanish, who armed with arms from Ethiopia have intentions to combat the Spanish regime for their crimes against them.

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