On January 2nd, 1971 the Ethiopian parliament officially declared its recognition of the rebel-state of South Africa as an independent nation outside of the United Kingdom.

Proposal Edit

Proposal for the Use of Force in Obtaining South African Independence 
Before Parliament January 2nd, 1971. 

The British government, showing a lack of an ability to contain the South African rebel movement in New Pretoria, is seen as likely in a position to abandon the territory should it cause them more trouble. It is also see as likely that the interference of an established power could very well drive the British to abandon the territory all together. It is therefore the recommendation of this committee to do as following. 

-A: Recognize South African independence from the British crown in an official and internationally public way. 
-B: Condemn British occupation of a sovereign South Africa. 
-C: Threaten military involvement should the British not step back. 

In the event that the British ignore or protest our condemnations, we should follow up by... 

-A: Work with the South Africans to arm them more thoroughly. 
-B: With South African blessings, lend air support.

Canon status Edit

Due to the lore retcon the preceded the move of the RP from the Minecraft Forums to the RPGuild the status of this, or the details of the deceleration are iffy to say the least. Anything that explicitly implies jet capabilities are to be outright disregarded, and anything that would suggest military assistance taken with some grain of salt until VilageidiotX says something on this ancient history.

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