The Bombing of Buckingham PalaceEdit

During an unusually large winter storm in February of 1980, Buckingham palace came under siege. Using the blinding snow to conceal themselves, about a quarter of the soldiers serving as royal guards at the palace put a plan into action. An attempt to kill the king, and destroy Buckingham Palace. Luckily for the king, he had witnessed some of the traitors kill a maid and two other guards, and managed to move before the traitors could get to him. 

Around the time the King and Princess Henrietta of the Netherlands got to their hiding place, the power went out, making the mission even easier for the rebels. One of the guards loyal to the king had encountered a younger maid, and had been escorting her at this time. Upon seing more guards, and unaware of their identity as enemies, he let his guard down, only to be killed. The men who kille dhim then proceeded to light a room on fire, and begin to move the explosives into the palace. After they had left, the maid escaped, and got to the closest police station, where help was immediately called to the palace. Unfortunately, everything was ready by the time the police got there.

The explosives went off, but not before the king could become aware something was going on, and manage to escape via a secret passage before then. When they actually went off, the tremble from it could be felt in the tunnel under the palace where the two royals were escaping. 

Currently, the palace is in pieces, with the majority of the outer walls blown off, and lots of structural damage dealt to it. Nobody knows where the king or princess are, and all traitors are believed to have died in the blast, so there is nobody alive to question besides the maid. However, finding the king is the number one priority of everyone currently.

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