The Republic of South Africa faces a unique challenge in its leaderships desire to eliminate tribal differences and create one people. The vehicle for this change it the South African National Army (SANA), not to be confused with the South African Defence Force. Every young South African mae is required to serve two years and in that time the government aims to obliterate tribal and racial differences. It is quite literally an army only. Any member looking to join either the Airforce or Navy must join the South African Defence Force. 

SANA is broken down into several commands despite being ground units only. Cavalry, Armoured, Infantry and artillery.

History of the South African National ArmyEdit

Formed in 1976 by the government of South Africa, SANA was the answer to uniting the hordes of eager South African recruits with the new territorial armies of Angola and Namibia. All South African men are required to join at the age of 18 and serve a minimum of two years.

Those who wish to continue with the South African military can recieve promotion within SANA or apply to join the nations elite military unit, the South African Defence Force.  

The SANA's first Chief of Defence Staff was, and still is, General Thomas Clarkson. 

SANA - Cavalry Edit

The South African National Army Cavalry core is made up of horse mounted units that can operate in any terrain. Created to fill the gap on lack of fuel and trucks for SANA, the majority of the mechanized equipment is operated by the SADF, the cavalry is highly mobile and used for scouting more often then not. They are considered an elite within SANA.

SANA - ArmouredEdit

The SANA armoured core is made up of armoured cars, armour plated trucks and the odd spare APC when come avaliable. Also designed to be highly mobile they compliment the SADF heavy weapons nicely though, because of fincancial restraints, it is often hard to tell the two forces apart since they use virtually identical gear. 

SANA - InfantryEdit

Foot sloggers, grunts, thugs, whatever you may call them but the core of SANA is made up of conscript South African youth. 90% of it's rank and file are under the age of 25, the remainder being seasoned NCO's. Trained to the basics for infantry trade, a standard measured against any other army in the world, these young men are well trained and ready for the day their country calls.

SANA - ArtilleryEdit

Artillery for SANA is fairly basic, field pieces are drawn by horse or truck. The largest being the 105mm Howitzer. Designed for close and long range support of SANA and SADF forces these men are the best of brightest of the conscripts and many go on to lead rewarding careers in the South African military.

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