Sevan city skyline

Sevan is a Armenian city, situated on the shores of Lake Sevan. The city is 1,900 meters above sea level and

64 kilometers north-east of Yerevan, Armenia. Sevan was originally founded in 1842 as Yelenovka, intended to be a resort town for Russian exiles and expats, the Russian population was eventually displaced by Armenians when the region acquired independence from Russia, followed later by Turkish occupation. Sevan's scenic environment has helped in its continued development as a resort city. After the end of the Armenian Revolution the city has been developing as a entertainment town with much of its economic incentives going to clubs and bars.

History Edit

Founded in 1842 as Yelenovka the town of Sevan started as a community of religious expats and internal exiles. Named after Yelena Pavlovna, daughter of Tsar Paul I. It retained its name until Armenian independence from Russia. The name Sevan remained even during Turkish occupation.

To the north of the city the ancient ruins of the Cyclopean fortress Matsep stands in the mountainous hills. The city also sits on the shores of Lake Sevan which has become a site of several resorts. In the middle of the lake stands the monastery of Sevanavank. built originally to house sinful monks. The monastery itself houses two church: Surp Arakelots and Surp Astvatsatsin.

Economy Edit

The predominant economy of Sevan is the growing party and recreational sphere. Feeding off of the post-war energy of Armenia and capturing the young benefits of a early nation, mafia elements established a hold on the city and founded an array of casinos, clubs, and bars. The resorts on the city's lake edge stand as the wealthy destination of Armenia or the region's upper class. The blossoming entertainment based economy has attracted many of the war's veterans to find work in the shade of Sevan's infant neon.

Notable Establishments Edit

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