Senchuan is a Chinese design bureau under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure. They are a major producer of heavy military and construction equipment. As of 1971 they were charged to build the first civilian utility vehicle since the end of the Revolution. They are based out of Wuhan, Hubei.


Built from several factories in Eastern Hubei, Senchuan started off as a design bureau whose first task was to rebuild the area in order to accomplish its set goals. Over the first year of its existence it organized the reconstruction of factories in Wuhan before it could begin production.

The design bureau primarily focuses on heavy equipment and heavy military gear. It constructs the flat-bedded trucks used to tote heavy cannons as well as supply trucks and - to an extent - Tei Gui tanks. In 1971 it was charged - alongside Mi-Kang - to produce vehicles for civilian use.

Their name is derived from their first commisioner: Senchuan Ming Hoa.

Production LineEdit


Qilin - Described as being a "larger vehicle" with a "beaten, gorged cabin", the Qilin is a civilian utility truck designed for heavy hauling. Though it's not heavily off-road like the Hotan it can take driving in the mud or an open field to carry a farmer's produce or help get materials to off-road building sites provided the terrain isn't too wild.

The Qilin has been rereleased twice: The Qilin 1971 and 1973.


Tei Gui 1963 (to a limited extent)

Tei Gui 1980 (to a limited extent)

C-17-RDB - Serving as a heavy equipment transport the C-17-RBD is used for the transport of large numbers of heavy artillery pieces such as 160mm Dragon Guns or 210mm Dragon II guns (later often fired from the bed of the truck).

The C-17-RDB is an immensly large truck, similar to that of a semi tractor-trailor. Notably utilized only for the deployment of large bombardment or siege guns. Since their creation, they have only been deployed on the Siberian-Russian Republic border.

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