"Xixen approached carefully. Walking slowly over loose wind-blown debris. Strangely, despite the empty-tomb-like quality of the air, devoid of all life, including insect or birds the plants still carried out. Bright flowers grew in the garden alongside empty houses. And tufts of weeds grew up through the side-walks." AaronMK, RPpost

Seattle, and the greater Seattle area was a former American metropolitan area until its bombing by NWC fighters. The event that is noted as slaying the upwards of ninety percent or more of its original population. As such, the city sits as a empty shell on Pudget Sound.

Quarantine Edit

Because of the bombing, and the under-researched qualities of VX the city is under a tight lock-down and is guarded by members of the US Red Guard and Red Army. Only approved personell are permitted entrance to the outlying suburbs of Seattle where they conduct a slow search and cleansing operation of the outliying homes and buildings, as well as retrieving any corpses that may remain after the devestating bombing.

Even in these events research and forensic personnel are allowed brief excursions into the city based on fears of inadvertantly poisoning people through accidental VX contact.


Because of the VX bombing the city of Seatle is the subject of an intense chemical forensics research lead by Ryan Ritchens of the Michigan State University. Recently, researchers from China have joined the project to lend a fresh mind and additional hands. Though, given the state of the city and the practices of the US military in regards to treatment of bodies and the transport of samples it has become slow.


Due to the nature of Precipice many modern landmarks in Seattle may not exist. In particular, the Space Needle - which was in itself reliant on the space-race - was never constructed. It can also be questioned in the 1962 World's Fair ever happened there.

In addition, the city was briefly occupied by Canadan during the First North American War .

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