Born in the last half of 1970, Regina Romanov is the daughter of Alisa Romanov and a yet unnamed Russian boyar. Her mother has the unique honor of dying just moments before she was born, leaving her an orphan right out of the womb. She was taken into the custody of Colonel Lazar Sorokin and the Dr. Pyotr Pukirev, who raised her during the tumult of the Russian Civil War. Her identity was hidden to protect her during the conflict, and she masqueraded as Colonel Sorokin's daughter, though she was raised with the knowledge of her identity. In this time, her identity has only been known by a small number of agents brought in by Sorokin to protect her, and by leading political figures in the Volgograd Confederation.

In 1980, the Volograd Confederation decided to crown Regina and attempt to overthrow the Russian Republic in order to restore the monarchy. Though she is only nine, she is surrounded by several competent figures to help guide her government.

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