Korean war 4a

The North Korean Civil War (1976-1977) was a minor conflict in East Asia between two rival communist

parties in the North Korean state. The core of the short conflict being between the hard line Juche party of nationalist communists and the National Socialist Reformation Front. The two parties had held in contentious argument whether or not to independently go to war against Japan to reunite the Koreas when violence broke out.

The conflict was also secretly urged by the Chinese IB to clean out the current North Korean regime. Fearing being dragged into a second war against Japan the Chinese military sought to calm the North Korean government to maintain the Asian status-quo by assassinating Juche leader Kim-il Song. His death also prompted the conflict as in the power gap the two faction engaged in violence, with the IB backing the tamer Reformation faction.

In the end the National Socialist Reformation Front was victorious, claiming the national parliament and the Premiership.

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