The Nine Day Colombian War was a conflict in early to mid November between the South American Confederacy, Colombia, and the drug lords that occupied Colombia. The "war" resulted in minimal casualties on either side, with Colombian drug cartels surrendering to the combined might of their own government and several other South American countries.


In early November, President Adriano Claro of Brazil traveled to Colombia to ask for their accession to the South American Confederacy. They voted yes, by a three-fourths majority, which caused the local drug lords, including their leader, one Simon Bolivar, to freak out and resist the transition. They mobilized all of their assets and firepower to attack their own government and the incoming Brazilian forces.

The initial attack immobilized native Colombian Army forces, isolating small pockets of resistance and fighting in brutal urban warfare in their own capital city of Bogota for the protection of the government. However, Brazilian troops and equipment flowed in from the Amazon Rainforest, and Peru and Chile, preemptively warned, mobilized forces on the more southern front to advance upward.

The drug cartels fought valiantly, but eventually the superior firepower, tactics and logistics of their enemies made it inevitable that the South American Confederacy forces would assault their main base and destroy their leader's house, while proceeding to liberate Bogota from the enemy forces. In doing so, they defeated the last of them and took their leader, Simon Bolivar, into custody.

Simon Bolivar was then promptly executed for his many crimes by the Colombian government, Colombia joined the SAC, and Brazilian forces took custody of the drug manufacturing industry. The Nine Day War was the only considered major conflict to happen in the course of South American unification.

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