The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (Ազգային անվտանգության ծառայություն: Azgayin Anvtangut’yan Tsarrayut’yun) - more commonly known as the NSS - is the main intelligence and security agency for the Armenian state. Its duties are wide and varied, with capabilities including espionage, internal affairs, counterinsurgency, countercrime, investigations, and foreign actions. The structure of the NSS is such that it is capable of doing such actions with minimal interference from other government bodies and civilian organizations. They answer directly to the Presidency and the high cabinet members, often following direct orders for highly classified operations. Critics have lambasted this structure as being akin to "Assanian's private army", although the claims that Assanian has used the NSS to destroy political opposition are unfounded. The NSS receives support from the Ethiopian Walinzi, Persian ISIS, and the Chinese IB in the form of funds and training. They are considered to be a strong force in the underground currents of the Middle East, often conducting operations in the Caucasus with impunity and performing highly successful missions in Turkey and, recently, Poland.

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