The National Chinese Congress is a political organization within the Chinese government. The Congress fills the legeslative aspects of government. The NCC is headed by the National Secretary whose role is to organize issues for discussion, schdueling, the maintenance of order within Congress, and as the national spokesperson of Congress (this does not mean that he is the only person allowed to speak on matters of Congress to the public).

The strength of the nation congress sits at three-thousand elected officials.

The current National Secretary is Wen Xiogang.

Center of OperationsEdit

The National Congress is based out of the Chinese People's Congressional House in Eastern Beijing. The structure encompasses the individual working offices for in-town congressmen, the Congressional Hall, and conference rooms.

For when congressmen are in Beijing for extended periods they are provided housing for the duration of their office. This housing is set elsewhere in Eastern Beijing.


The Chinese Congress's primary function is the drafting of laws and plans for ratification by the Grand Secretay, or the ratification of laws and plan drafted by the Grand Secretary and his office. They may make minor edits to the bills provided that it does not alter the function and execution of the law (a primary example being to fix the language to add clarity). The National Judiciary Comittee may approve or deny laws if they feel the wording has been altered to such a point it corrupts the funtion. In this event, it is returned to the Congress or the Grand Secretary's office for fixing (depending on origin).

Make upEdit

Congress is made up of elected officials representing a number of communes (or a singular commune) equal to 200,000 voters each (the Pingyi Hui). The size of the voting district is static, although allowance is given for 5,000 individuals. The acquisition of new provinces (Tibet and Taiwan) have lead to the increase of members within Congress.

The Party and philosophy on political partiesEdit

the National Chinese Congress defends the current single-party system by arguing:

"The maintenance of a single party where members are granted admittence to for the length of their term through winnins an election is a measure to ensure the voter base in not clouded by ineffective and corrupting affiliation and influence by any one of several institutions. This effectivly encouraging less consideration for which party a candidate follows but the individual itself, making for more accurate representation of that state in Congress."

To this effect the New People's China party is built of officials elected or appointed to a state position and leave the Party on retirement from politics (via age, death, or replaced by election/appointment).


One of the additional functions of Congress is the apointment of officials within Congress to the office of Politburo. Those who are in Politburo serve doubly on the congress as well as oversee the administrative functions of the Party underneath the Chairman (the only figure who holds perminent affiliation with the Party).

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