Flagship of the NWC

"Mud Battleships" is a reference to the all to common trope where a nation manages to have a much more capable military or industry then would make sense. The term comes from the construction of the Republic of Florida's navy, which was built relatively quickly despite a lack of metal resources within the republic. The explanation given in the roleplay itself was that Florida had just enough "Steel mines" to mine the metals neccessary for the construction of said ships. It is not uncommon for this trope to be associated with Hometown Superpowers, as it stands to reason that a person who is trying to make their home region a superpower would need to severely exagerate what that region is capable of. This concept can be applied further to the unusual technological capabilities of virtually everyone, considering that many cold war era technologies have managed to develop despite a lack of context for said develop. The original plan was for technology in this world to be equal to that of the World War II era, but players in early precipice quickly rushed the production of modern weaponry, making it unrealistic to retcon. Some common appearances of this trope includes the tendency of nations to try to include unrealistic quantities of aircraft carriers. Another incident that was eventually halted was the attempt of the third world Russian Republic to invent nuclear weapons despite being in a state of severe depression and lacking sufficience resources.

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