"Monsieur Greene" was the leader of France until 1955 to 1973. Monsieur Greene's position was hardly an elected one, for he adopted the position in 1955 when the former leader - Jean Bernard - was assasinated in her Paris apartment under mysterious circumstances. the only named heir to the position was Monsieur Greene.

Political CareerEdit

The career of Greene was sparse and for its early days likely comprising more keeping the nation together than anything. Though, in 1968 Greene initiated a economic recovery program in honor of Jean Bernard. Skeptisim over his proposed plan ran high and the French media questioned his vauge proposal to build more things. Though, Greene was personally optimistic of his proposal and ordered it to be carried out in any case.

The proposal however was not one to come to pass and the French economy continued to take hits and decline. Greene slowly disappeared from the public light and was rarely ever seen. Though still alive, he had several French officals slain over accusations they were unfit and scandelous to France.

1970 was a bad year for Greene, with his 1968 proposal failing for all its construction-based worth he had come to lose Indochina, angering French nationalists. In an attempt to recover his popularity in nationalists areas, he ordered an impromptu invasion of Germany based on highly nationalistic and ethnocentric reasons. This however did not end well, and like Indochina the French stagnated at the front, ultimately failing.

The rash and numerous defeats, both military and political, as well as being the defining reason for the collapse of CEL, Greene faded from office.


Greene's personal life is a mystery, like Jaret Arnold. Though, it's very likely the man was suffering from extreme mental and cognitive ailments leading to his rash and erratic behavior, which was projected out on the political field.

Marty StuEdit

For the sole purpose that "Monsieur Greene" is hardly a legitemate French name, it is also derived from the name of the person playing as him: Captain Greene. Based on the vagueness of his character, and the unoriginal and terrible name it is strongly likely the poor character is a Marty Stu. Though one that lives in European infimy for being bat-shit insane and responsible for the illegitimitizing of the RP's first of its strong, international alliances.

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