Mikael Gregovyen is a high ranking member of the Armenian Defense Forces, occupying a position as team leader of SAU Team 6 in the NSS SAU. He is a highly decorated Armenian war hero, and is well-known amongst the general populace as the first winner of the Hero of the Armenian Republic. Gregovyen fought during the Armenian War: in the Armenian Revolution, Prusso-Armenian War, Nagorno-Karabakh War, and Georgian Occupation. In addition, Gregovyen was the primary driving force behind the NSS SAU's creation, and was instrumental in securing foreign support for the program. As such, he was awarded command of the most elite group of SAU operators in the service, but swept under the rug in the official scene due to his age.

Early LifeEdit

Mikael Gregovyen was born to Ivana and Artyom Gregovyen in Artashat in 1958, just two years into Armenian self-rule. Like many of his fellow citizens, Gregovyen grew up in less than satisfactory conditions. He received only rudimentary schooling from the broken, disjointed, and unfunded Armenian public school system, and wasn't affluent enough to hire tutors. But while Gregoyven lacked in book smarts, he made up for it by becoming savvy with the street life. As his parents both worked two jobs, Gregovyen spent his early years prowling the streets of Artashat with fellow gangs of roving children, spending the 1960s begging for money and food while the turmoil in Armenia heightened. He was oblivious of politics and the like until the Armenian War kicked off in 1969 with the Invasion of Armenia.

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