Michael Benjamin Norman is a former General and the current President of the United States. As president, Norman has sworn to follow up on President Eric Fernandez's military, infrastructure, and economic improvements to the United States while backing the country away from its socialist past.

Background Edit

Born in Virginia, Michael Norman was a prominent war-time leader and powerful five-star general, adept at maneuvering through military politics. Prior to becoming president, Norman was a career officer in the US Army and a veteran of both North American Wars, serving as a junior officer in the first war and a theater commander in the second war. He served as Army Chief of Staff for the Army before becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a post he held until his election. Campaigning as a Democrat, he enlisted the aid of Senate Majority Leader Russell Reed in order to give his candidacy credibility among the southern constituencies, who having recently been brought back into the US with the annexation of the former Dixie Republic offered a heavy obstacle on the campaign trail with districts commonly opposed to the civil rights legislation he intended to fight for.

Norman's campaign managed to sweep the board however the odds and triumph over cynicism and Michael Norman stepped out of the elections with the largest margin of victory since James Monroe.

On his victory and assumption to presidency he promised to the people that based on America being a nation of potential that he would fight to regain America's strength and put it on footing where the following century would be the American Century.

Michael Norman's victory marked the end of socialism in America and a return to mainstream American politics.

Micheal Norman's present issues as newly-elected president have been the push to nationalize NEWI in an effort to stabilize the weakened company and bolster New England's economy. This is in tandem with fights with the south to push a civil rights bill, and the allocation of funds to support Ethiopia in its war against Spain.

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