Mi-King is a light automotive and engineering design bureau under the Chinese Industrial and Infrastructure ministry. Formed from the acquisition of many formally privately owned factories in Tianjin and southern Manchuria. Their name is derived from the two original commisioners of the organization: Chu Mi and Kang Li.

Initial FormationEdit

On their initial formation Mi-King helped rebuild used jeeps and automobiles by producing replacement parts. Both engine and body at their plants. Over time, with interest in formalizing and growing the Chinese military Mi-Kang switched production to military jeeps, motorcycles, and other light vehicles as well as parts for and design of these impliments.

Civilian Automobile ProductionEdit

In 1971 congress considered a proposal to renew production of civilian grade automotives. When the proposal passed, the job was passed to Mi-Kang and Senchuan to design and produce their automobiles.

After acquiring old Ford Galaxies from Vietnam engineers and designers at Mi-King examined semi-current western vehicle design to see what they are working with, and then to edit and change the design to fit to the new Chinese standards, or to determine where they'll need to be adjusted to compete.

Automotive LineEdit


Hotan - a small "economically sized" vehicle. Can be described as being capable to fit a small family and/groceries or their baggage and carry it through some of China's older, narrow city-streets. At the same time, it is built with a degree of military tradition, and can take off-road travel to a degree.

Has been re-issued thrice: The Hotan 71, 73, and 74. Each building on the successive generation to remedy reported issues.


Harbin-D17 - The Harbin-D17 is a one-tonne class, small utility vehicle purposed for gear transport and auxillary purposes (such as shuttling small numbers of men or vital equipment between posts). It features front-engine four wheel drive and a 128 horsepower engine. The back is generally open with wood panelling.

Kěxìn-B16 - A heavier duty troop transport, the Kěxìn-B16 operates as a shielded battle-field capable transport used primarily for the rapid deployment of troops in hot situations or over longer distanced. The carrying capacity being far more than the Harbin-D17 at thirty persons. It rides on a half-track design with light armored plating capable of withstanding small-arms fire. Its diesel engine is strong enough to be useful in situations where it can help dislodge a tank should it become laden down, so long as the Kěxìn is unladen. The transport cabin is covered.

  • Alternate Model (B-Model) - in some cases, models with a machine-gunner nest, allowing these models to be used in a supporting, or suppressing role.

Macau-M2 - The Macau-M2 is a light service motorcycle purposed for mobilizing a single soldier over several over larger distances. Primarily used for messenger running, though side-mounted wagons are produced for a gunner position to allow for light skirmish capabilities. Though rarely have they ever been used to this purpose.


Mi-Kang was introduced to the Precipice world on the RP date March 17, 1971. Or RL date: 8/21/2011 on the Sporum Era thread.;jsessionid=0F5812D976D7B69E517CC522FE6AB7B7.240057#3485377

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