Pain and suffering has built the modern world, which everybody on our earth has been forced to endure. This charter is a declaration of independence from this suffering. These people of the Africa's heart were brought into this world of pain unjustly during the colonization of the continent in the prior century. In the year 1970 we managed to gain our independence from the European powers. This independence has revealed itself to be a trick, as we were simply given new lords. Our own brothers from Ethiopia subjugated us into their modern society, perpetuating the same suffering that the Europeans brought to our continent.
The problem is not with the Europeans or the Africans, nor is it with the Capitalists or the Communists. Which side of the equator one lives on is of little importance. The problem is modern civilization, which sees men as resources to be spent for the for the construction of nations and empires. Those free citizens of Katanga who do not recognize this philosophy have instead endeavored to construct a free society.
The laws of the Katanga Commune are as such, to be enforced by all men and women living within it...
-All men are sovereigns, subject to only their own law. -To assault another persons sovereignty over themselves is an unnatural act.
-The laws of nature suggest that an unnatural act can be undone through an unnatural act. -Therefore, he who commits crimes against his fellow man can be killed for the act.
-Property is only what you personally use.
-Following this definition of property, a persons property is part of their sovereignty.
-To claim property you do not personally in the way of the capitalists is wrong.
-The defense of the commune is the responsibility of everybody within it. -Those who do not act in the defense of the commune will not be defended by it.

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