Katanga Commune
Katanga Free State
Rough map of area claimed by commune
National Info
Player Vilageidiotx
Leader Marcel Hondo-Demissie
Capital N/A
Government Anarchy
Location Central Africa
Factsheet Info
Area Central Africa
Maritime_Claims N/A
Terrain Plateau
Climate Temperate
Natural_Resources N/A
Natural_Hazards N/A
Population N/A
Major_Cities Lubumbashi, Kolwezi
Nationality N/A
Religion N/A

Founded by the rebellious Marcel Hondo-Demissie (AKA The Rouge General), the Katanga Commune is an Anarchist Commune in the southern portion of the Ethiopian Empire. Though not recognized by the Ethiopian Government, Ethiopia's inability to subdue the commune has led to it formally declaring independence in the Charter of the Katanga Commune. The mission of the Katanga Commune is to provide an area where people can live peacefully with each other outside of the modern world, which the Commune's people see as the cause of suffering and dispair. Despite it's declaration of independence, the Katanga Commune is still seen as a rebelling province by the rest of the world.

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