Geddy Lee is confirmed for NOT being Jaret Arnold.

Jaret Arnold is the little-known prime-minister of Canada since 1970. He is predominately responsible for initiating the First North American War as well as Canada's plethora of insane projects. Little is known about the prime-minister per-say. Save for that he probably despises America.


What little is known about Jaret Arnold is that he's likely one fed by expansion. Having ran Canada through the First North American War where he acquired Alaska, he later called for terrorist attacks on Greenland to give the impression to its people its native government is weak, and to force it to swear fielty to Canada. The Prime-Minister has also had a taste for impractical projects, deploying likely lost teams to Antarctica to explore and learn to exploit its natural resources.

He also attempted to reach out to China concerning trade-deals several times and was denied all requests. There by making him the one character (and in essence nation) to attempt to contact China directly the most.

It can be surmised that he is likely insane.

Political CareerEdit


This is probably what Jaret Arnold sees of the US.

It is most probable Jaret Arnold is still in command of Canada suggesting either total office control, or a land-slide victory in the last Canadian election following the rapid Canadian success in the First North American War. Future-wise, his political office is likely doomed granted failures in the Second North American War and the occupation of the NWC.

Out of CharacterEdit

In the Out of Character context, Jaret Arnold is a commonly reoccuring main character in any any role-play his creator - Arnie - joins. He has made apperances in PoW, several post-Apoclypse RPs, and other civilization or political based role-plays.

It got to such a point, Aaron specefically barred Arnie from using Jaret Arnold in his short-lived American Civil War alternate-history RP.

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