Hometown Hero
"Hometown Superpower" is a phenomenon where Precipice players choose to play small regions surrounding where they live or/and were raised in real life. These "Hometown powers" are usually independent of their real world nations and are economically and technologically on par with the rest of the world. The first Hometown Super was Florida, which managed to become a dominate regional power capable of outpacing the united states technologically despite the fact that it was in control of mostly swampland and beaches. Another example of this would be the North Western Coalition of British Columbia, which despite owning primarily lumber and a little oil, managed to have fleets in two oceans and produced one of the rp's first weapons of mass destruction, VX gas. Both of these blatantly unrealistic examples thrived in the sporum precipice threads, where the rules were not as tight. The Minecraft Forum thread has only seen one new hometown super power, the New England Republic, which was much more tame compared to it's predeccesors. Even though the NER was the inspiration for the Second North American War, and a founding nation of the UND, it's military capablities were handled much more realistically, and it's technological capablities were not as far fetched as that of the other hometown powers.

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