Propaganda featuring Herbert widely disseminated by TheEvanCat.

Herbert the Goat is a recurring character in TheEvanCat's Armenia, introduced in response to the Armenian goat jokes made by several of the other more industrialized nations. Officially, he serves as a canonical, albeit comical, mascot for the "Firebase Ozanian" story-arc, but Herbert has appeared in other roleplays as well.

Precipice of WarEdit

Herbert the Goat was first introduced in April of 2013, as a mascot for the 15th Artillery Regiment based out of Firebase Ozanian on the Armenian-Turkish DMZ. He is portrayed as wearing a standard issued helmet and flak jacket around his form, alongside a slung rifle as a joke initiated by a company of mortarmen. He made frequent appearance in posts involving the Firebase, often frolicking in trenches and playing with the other soldiers. The reason for Herbert's unusual appearance was jokingly explained by one of the soldiers:

"He's our new mascot," Goverian replied, taking a puff on his cigarette.

"What happened to the old one?"

"He ran out and stepped on a mine. Figure we'd give our new one some protection."

Roleplay Player ResortEdit

Sahle and Norm copy

Sahle riding Norm, son of Herbert.

Herbert the Goat is mentioned in the crashed RP known as "RP Player Resort", where his son is pulled through an interdemensional portal by Ethiopia's own Sahle. His son, by the name of Norm, explains that he is the progeny of Herbert. In addition, Norm had with him an army of goats that would later go on to battle French GIGN forces storming the island, alongside Spanish Cazadors.

The RP of legends.

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