Hasmik Assanian is the 1st and current President of the Republic of Armenia. He was born in Nakhchivan City in the Nakhchivan Marz, and graduated from Ankara School of Economics in 1949. However, he spent the majority of his adult life in the Ottoman Army from the years of 1945-1968 before retiring at age 40. He was a conscript, like many other Armenians (who often were unwilling to voluntarily join), but is one of the few to serve a full career as he had nowhere else to go. Assanian rose to power via the Armenian Revolution  as the commander of the ASF after the Battle of Nor Yerzenka. He led the Armenians to victory in a very short timespan, and was also responsible for brokering deals with Persia, Ethiopia, and Poland to help defend the new fatherland. Often looked upon as a father figure and the founder of the Armenian state, Assanian's policies (especially wartime ones) have been decried by political scholars as authoritarian.

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