The Grizzly Class Carrier were a line of aircraft carriers constructed by the North Western Coalition in their mission of safeguarding their waters and defining their naval capabilities. However, the construction of the Grizzly made for a shoddy attempt at doing so. These ships - built to the bare minimum in features and size - were only offset by their cheap nature, and compared to similar ships were built faster and in larger numbers.

These ships may be compared to more of a larger destroyer, but with a landing strip.


Eact measurements of the Grizzlies construction haven't been made, and tend to change from ship to ship due to their experimental nature. Very often their decks were so small or poorly constructed they could not fly their aircraft due to their small decks. As well, much of the decks were made of timber if metal could not be obtained for construction.

Due to the small size of the ships they also have a smaller carrying capacity and shorter range than their larger, more conventional counterparts. Ship-to-air defense is also downsized from their conventional builds; if present at all.

Despite their failures, the NWC Navy took to utilizing several as flagships for their naval posts within their waters, or in Canada proper. Such as the Grizzly proper.


A large part of the NWC's carrier fleet was sold off during its twilight days do pay for its efforts in suppressing the rebels and make up for its own failed projects. The selling of the carriers were continued under US occupation to a number of private clients. Current surviving NWC carriers are currently ran by affluent persons the world over for the novelty of owning a aircraft carrier, but do not serve much of a purpose other than an over-sized yacht. Or possibly larger attack craft for Pacific islander pirates.

An example of the new civilian repurposing of the carriers is the Party Barge owned by Stanley Barnham, the English oil baron living in Ottoman Egypt. A ship which Sahle of Ethiopia has noted "had a lot of wood in its construction".

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