Gentamicin is a antibiotic used in the treatement of bubonic plague. The compound was developed by the Chinese in 1961 by utilizing Japanese research on the virology and effects of the plague as acquired from Unit 731. Effectivly, it is one of the medicinal compounds synthesized through the acquired research of U731 in an effort to reverse the Japanese aritificial plagues caused over the course of their occupation of China.

Gentamicin is a aminoglycoside, meaning it is derived from a whole, or a part of a amino-modified sugar molecule. The drug has been used to treat a number of bacterial infections within China since it was declared a succesfull counter-active to the bubonic plague.


After acquiring the full body of Unit 731's surviving research discovered in China medical personell in Shanghai, lead by Qi Wan petitioned Minister Mao Tsedung to appropriate funds into research on the activitiesand findings of Shiro Isiji and Unit 731. Looking to stop the growing plague epidemics in the Manchuria, Bejing, Quangxi, and Quandong areas their examination of the extensive medical reports from their Harbin compound presented them with a number of leads.

Mao granted the Shanghai team the resources to pursue the research on February 1, 1960. Qi Wan began gathering medical personell together to pursue the cure they felt was in the Unit 731 notes. On July 25, 1961 they released their trial information. Hou authorized the distribution of the medicine and over a seven year period Gentamicine helped to lift wide-spread quaretines.

Research on the compound towards the end of the team's clinical experiments and after suggested that the drug had a wider range of effected infections note to be "Gram-negative".

In ThreadEdit

Gentamicin is mentioned by Yan Sing during a visit to Unit 731's Harbin center on page 99.

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