Frederick of prussia by aaronmk-d5r0583

Freidrich IV

Friedrich IV (1938-Present) (Full name: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Nikolaus Louis) is the current Kaiser (Emperor) of the Kingdom of Prussia, now reigning since 1976.

Friedrich did not immediately take the throne in 1977 Prussia. With the monarchy having abdicated the throne after the end of the Great War in 1925. Since, his family has lived outside of the political spectrum as Germany divided.

Living in the now new Republican state of Prussia Frederick made his living glamorously as a construction worker after his family's fall from grace. Come 1976 though, resentment in the conceived weak leadership of the Prussian parliament and their failures and ineptitude of the Prussian government would reach a high.

Frederick would be arrested that year outside of the Stadschloss, trying to claim his throne alone. For doing so, Frederick would be arrested, but not before throwing four officers across the street. Once imprisoned though, several high-ranking elements in government investigated his claim and found it truthful. Following, they ceded to the nationalists and imperialists and abdicated power to the new Emperor.

Since taken office, Frederick has also learned he had a claim on the vacant Russian Imperial throne. And the mission of his regime is to subjugate the broken Russian state and possess the two titles he feels rightfully his by hereditary rule.


Freidrich possess broad features, sometimes being described as coarse and towering. He prefers traditional German attire and is often observed wearing his now charistaristic Pickelhaube helmet.


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