The Free Communist Peoples of Scandinavia or FCPS is the political body controlling Northern Finland. At its head it is commanded by Sven Frihet-Kampe. He and the organization presides over the region according to its brand of Neo-Bolshevikism. The party's violent and rapid rise to prominence attracted the attention of Spain who entered the Finnish Revolution to quell the rise of Communism. However intervention from China forced Spain to back down and agree to a partition of Finland.

Over the course of the revolution the FCPS can be held to blame for wide-ranging politicide of monarchical-aligned groups in Finland as well as the general disruption of hostile operations. Initially, the organization was considerably popular which fueled its explosive success. However in the armistice it lays in question just how successful they are in the popularity front.

Political, the organization desires not only the unification of Finland but the occupation of Scandinavia under a single communist flag, from Greenland and Iceland to Finland.

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