Brazilian soldiers

You aren't actually going to mess with these guys, are you?

Ethiopia and Brazil: World Police is a meme surrounding Ethiopia and Brazil's role in the UND and tendency to interfere in global affairs. This meme is doubly hilarious because of the two nations' severe internal problems and lack of technology, making their position as an American-style "world police" unlikely. One's technology is so backward there's another meme about it.

The two nations together have interfered in global affairs to an amazing extent. Brazil has interfered in the Siberian/Chinese Invasion of the Russian Republic on the side of the Russian Republic, the GLA invasions of
Ethiopian soldiers


Central America and India, and Spain's colonization of the Ivory Coast alongside Ethiopia. Both nations are vocal supporters of human rights.

Despite their efforts alongside the rest of the UND, Ethiopia and Brazil remain incapable of suppressing the superpowers of Spain and China.

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