This page is to provide the neccessary numbers to do financial transactions in Precipice. When doing a transaction, take the modern value of something and divide it by 4. This is because the base we are using is real world American money, since this is the currency you are most likely to run across when lookin at real world values. You can skip this step if you are looking at the value of something in 1976, which would be a more accurate method since the values of individual items change, as does inflation.


To start out with, the equation is X/4 where X is the value of an item in 2012 US dollars. Since 2012 US dollars isn't the currency people are using in Precipice, as each nation has their own currencies. The grand majority, if not all, are going to be worth less then the 1976 US Dollar. For example, if a nation has a currency that is worth 20¢ compared to a $1 is 2012 USD, it will be .20 of the base. This means it will take 5 in that currency to buy something at base amount. You can calculate this by adding a new part to the above equation, making it (X/4)*Y where Y how many times a currency goes into the base. You can get the Y value by dividing 1 by the decimal value of your currency. For the above 20¢ example, you would do this by solving 1/.20, which gives you a Y value of 5.



X is the modern value of what you are converting, Y is explained above and avaible below.

Currency Values TableEdit

Nation Currency Title Currency Sign Decimal Value Against Base Y Value
Spain Peseta Pts 0.40 2.5
Poland Złoty 0.32 3.1
Ottoman Lira 0.28 3.5
Brazil Real R$ 0.25 4
Armenia Dram AMD 0.25 4
South Africa Rand ZAR 0.19 5.25
Prussia Deutschmark DM 0.23


Sweden Krona Kr 0.19 5.25
China Renminbi RMB-¥ 0.1402 7.132


Birr Br



Persia Rial IRR-ریال 0.04 25

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