Physical map of Asia

Home of the Asian Socialist Bloc and its heart in China, Asia is a continent that sits almost in its own world; a land unusually stable in comparison with so many others. China leads the growing world of Communism, and is seen largely as a threat by the traditional Western powers. The almost mythical nations of the ASB are known for their isolated world politic; it is only recently that China has only recently shed the outside layers of its protective shell, but despite the existence of its cautious diplomacy, one does not simply walk into China. In what was a bizarre turn of events, China experiences its first negative enroachment in the form of a mysterious spy helicopter. While China stands as the center of Communism, a thin wall of the old ways stands across the Sea of Japan on one side, with the Japanese still holding sway despite their bloated neighbor, and the Middle East and India across the Himalayas holding firm against Communist encroachment. Recently the world's biggest, most populated and -one could argue- most important continent has seen its serenity broken by a civil war in India, opposing the ways of the ASB and those of the West.

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