The Legione is an expiremental IST/Heavy Tank currently undergoing trials in the Italian Royal Army.


The Carro Armato P90/80, or Tank - Heavy - 90 Tons - Introduced 1980, is an Infantry Support/Heavy Tank developed as a potential replacement for the P26/55 currently in use by the Italian army. Ever since tanks were introduced to Italy, Italian tank design has heavily lagged behind most of the world, and even though the P90/80 was designed to put Italy closer to being on par, it's design is still old. It is armed with a 75 mm Ansaldo L/34 LB High Velocity cannon, it has the potential to penetrate up to 148 mm of steel armor unsloped.

1093 rn

The P90/80 during its first test run.

It's armor is, unlike most Italian designs, quite thick. Sporting 40 mm sloped at a 70 degree angle for the upper glaces, and 105 mm sloped at a 30 degree angle for the main front. The side armor is all 100 mm unsloped, with the rear also being around 95 mm. The turret armor is also around 105 mm, however, the armor is unrounded which means a direct shot has a much smaller chance of bouncing off.

It has a max top speed of 41kph, however, the heavy load on the suspension of the tank makes any attempts to turn or encounter rough ground to greatly reduce the top speed to about 12 kph.

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