Armenia's military (the ADF) have a long and prized tradition of awards and decorations. Some are given to civilians as well, as a reward from the government for service to the fatherland and the community. The first recognized awards were devised in early 1978 as a way of showing its Westernization, and the Armenian Institute of Heraldry (who also designed military patches and insignia) was tasked with designing medals for any event deemed prestigious enough. The first true medal, however, comes before that: it was the Hero of the Armenian Republic award bestowed upon Mikael Gregovyen in 1977. This is the first and most prestigious award awarded by the Armenian state.

Awards for GallantryEdit

Armenia bestows awards for gallantry upon people deemed worthy enough to earn them. They can be earned by both military and civilian personnel alike, because heroism knows no bounds. The ribbons are ranked in order of precedence, from top to bottom:

Hero of the Armenian RepublicEdit

This is the most important medal in Armenia, akin to the American Medal of Honor or the Hero of the Soviet Union medal. It has been earned only once, by Mikael Gregovyen in 1977 for his actions in Artashat and in the Armenian War. It is a tricolored ribbon with the colors mimicking the Armenian flag:


The Hero of the Armenian Republic's ribbon.

Order of HaykEdit

This is the secondmost important decoration in the nation. It is awarded for acts of outstanding gallantry or performance vastly exceeding requirements or expectations, but not enough to earn the Hero of the Armenian Republic award. It is equivalent to the American Distinguished Service Medal.


The Order of Hayk's ribbon.

Order of AramazdEdit

This is the thirdmost important award. It is named after the King of ancient Armenian dieties, Aramazd. It is equivalent to the American Silver Star.


The Order of Aramazd's ribbon.

Order of the FatherlandEdit

This is the fourthmost highest award for Armenian gallantry. It is equivalent to the American Bronze Star.


The Order of the Fatherland's ribbon.

Order of the RevolutionEdit

This is the lowest award for gallantry. It is equivalent to the American Soldier's/Sailor's/Airman's Medal and is awarded for gallantry in actions without facing an enemy combatant (like first response to a natural disaster.)


The Order of the Revolution's ribbon.

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