Alfonso Grijalba Sotelo is the Third Prime Minister of the Second Republic.

He was born in Trujllio, Spain in 1942. He had a troubled childhood, with an abuse father who disapproved of some of his more violent habits with small animals. In adulthood, he entered the Spanish Parliament as one of its more conservative members, leading the far-right opposition.

As of 1976 he ranan against Miguel Tejero in the 1976 elections and lost. Following, he Orchestrated a false flag attack using mercenaries posing as communist revolutionaries to seize power of the Republic during emergency elections. As Prime Minister he has militarized the state and quashed most opposition to his tenor, using a national fear of Communism as the basis for the curtailing of freedom in the Republic. Spain has cast its eyes on the continent of Africa, declaring war on the Ethiopian Empire. He's a frequent drinker and has become addicted to cocaine, which has exacerbated his malign tendencies.

Alfonso sotelo by aaronmk-d97xi7f

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