A Spaniard Visits China is a satirical comedy staring Luzonian actor Miquel Taidera and directed by Dao Huanxi. The story follows the adventures of Ernesto Miquelo Sincero Grande Locon in his adventures across China in search of the "Big Dirty Red Communist Danger That May or May Not Exist".

Throughout the movie Ernesto is known to take on a variety of poorly picked costumes from a woman's Cheongsam to a 17th century pirate's uniform and a conquistador costume. All the while the IB - in a spat of boredom - observe the wayward Spaniard for their own amusement. The IB characters often providing humurous jabs relevant to world happenings at the time.

The titular scene comes towards the end where Ernesto Miquelo straps a large broom to the back of a CPUV Qilin 1973 and from that creates an impromptu sail and procedes to ride triumphantly down Chang'an avenue in central Beijing.

The scene is noted as being a parody of, and reference to a scene in an earlier film: Yangtze Bandits

Ultimately, Ernesto never finds the Big Dirty Red Communist Danger That May or May Not Exist and returns home to Spain.

The movie also featured Zan Jingxhu's satirical piece "I'm so very happy, my Car is finally starting" which was released the previous year.

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