The Olympics games for the summer and winter of 1980 were selected by the International Olympic Comittee on November 16, 1976. The honors of hosting the game went to the nations of Persia, and Switzerland. Construction of the facilities to accomodate are expected to be ongoing, though political turmoil to some extent in either nation is likely to have stalled or endangered these projects.

Summer GamesEdit

Persia was selected to host the Summer Games in 1980. In response, Persia ammended the date so the games may be played in the milder autumn season, choosing late September/Early October as the desired dates. The plans for the stadiums were quickly drawn up to stay within the sudden time table. The host city being Esfahan

Main StadiumEdit

The stadium for the main games is to be constructed alongside the Faruk gardens. The dominant logic hanging on the gardens would afford a cost effective and relaxing break from the main games. Giving the attendents the opprotunity to enjoy the peace of the gardens, which would be expanded to encompass the entire stadium.

Access and parking for the stadium would be handeled through under-ground parking access and the city's underground metro system. The full scale of the metro expected to be completed before then, with one line having been finished.

Aquatic CenterEdit

The Aquatic center for the Isfahan games are selected to be nearby the main stadium. This stadium itself being described as being a four-building structure, capped by blue domes supported by sandstone columns. The plans call for each of the structures to be connected by walkways covered in soothing arabesques.

Winter GamesEdit

The Wintergames were selected to take part in Geneva, Switzerland. Albeit, current political turmoil between them, the Germans, and the UK has set the games into question.

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